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At wespankedgod.org, Mike Tovar shows that spanking is a man-made idea.

–-Michael Vincent Tovar was born in the Philippine islands in 1955 to citizens of the USA.  He was born again in Quebec, Canada in 1975 to the only begotten child, a son, of Almighty God, Jesus Christ.  Michael confessed that name in the presence of an experienced person.  And this was long after he first asked God to help him.  ‘Problem was, he got to helping himself.  God is patient, to a point.   

---the above is my short bio and following is the long back-cover self-description from my booklet---

        My dear reader, consider making my work part of yours.  I don’t know who you are and vice versa.  I’ve written some one-liners as biblical truisms.  This booklet’s pages end with a prose summary, then a double-spaced note to my child with universal application.  Jim Elliot’s, ‘He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose’ is listed last for his martyred virtuosity.  The first one I wrote, published in our conference monthly is, ‘Living water is not drawn from a wishing well’.  Interrupting the interior painting of my retirement career, I share with you this platform of biblical reach-out..

        This man can not re-read his own work without either weeping or laughing.  People need that as God only knows.  Therein is this letter’s orientation to what is called the great commission of Jesus Christ.  Like the lawyer Jesus mentioned, you may not want to contract but for expediency.  The truisms are written delicately, yet definitely.

        Of orientation, I am qualified to articulate these truisms.  Per my brief biography, I began confessing Jesus Christ in 1975.  Knowing to not be as Jesus proscribed, “many masters” (uncopyrighted KJV quotations throughout ), I know the data with experienced  discernment.

        Well schooled, with a semester of college at Goddard then a lifetime of common labor, my childhood with U.S. Embassy parents in Southeast Asia is global perspective. I’ve Irish wit and Spanish fervor, plus a long familiarity with death honed to it.  With a special concern for children as observed by all my parentage from early on is my poetic apologetic, We Spanked God.

        Protection of children’s rights was first dealt with in my own adult life, then crystallized.  Yes, the YouTube audio recording aired in 2016 of a little child being slowly tortured did it for this man.  We already knew of the discovery of our hook-line-and-sinker swallowing of a horrendous wool-over-the-eyes private interpretation by King James in Proverbs.

         The “rod” passages James and scholars mistranslated there, seen in hindsight, support a social agenda.  You see, if you do, to take it to your own heart as I have done, God as Jesus is not kidding when he lets it be known his literal and figurative priority is children.  Understand, it gets as sticky here as Mark Twain can be quoted as saying.

        The bully pulpit establishes the mistranslated rod.  Not only was the Levitical rod only for young men, Hebrew na’ar, never children or maidens, but also, King James significantly mistranslated in the book of Hebrews.  The correct and hermeneutically accurate “be ye persuaded of your older, more experienced” siblings in Christ (some sawn in two for their divine faith), grossly became ‘obey them that have the rule over you’.

        God’s playing field is being leveled.  Women’s rights are here too, and minorities anywhere under the bullying rod.  Even secular and scientific observation related to this is being substantiated.  The only complicating factor is our comfort zones.  One statement by Jesus keeps loud in our ears here.  How he says, he who is broken willingly upon the rock massif that I am will survive in the way of divine preservation for his eternal presence of love.

        A divine quote of hope is, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it ever entered into the heart of man, what God has prepared for those who love him” and each other.

        God knows those who are his and fairly meets us where we are, be it in the conscience of an Ojibwe asking God to protect him from his worst enemy, himself or those two guys in the temple that day who Jesus pointed out.  My comprehensive work helps God do this.

        Do know, both the booklet of 70-some pages (I gave all my pre-sale sample-copies away, and never noticed the exact page total) and this website are full-spectrum biblical apologetics.  The subject of spanking developed as the years went by, and not only became a primary subject-issue, but also developed like a specific military campaign in a general war.

        Yes, I agree, it seems hypocritical to use an analogy of war in a paper about peace.  It's because there is indeed a war in the heavenlies, spiritually, and I signed up for it.  Don't worry, if you don't know, it won't last forever.  But, it does have to be fought, for as with every war, innocent people are in the way of the bad guys who started it.

        My dad helped the Hmong people migrate away from their now-communist land of Laos.  Dad mentioned to me, the Hmong have just come through fourteen generations of war.  I pause here, wondering if they spank their children.  Understand, my writing helps to clarify that God's bible-book is civilized society's ethical foundation.

        However, God's bible, aside from the ten commandments and the later verifying life of Jesus, includes some mundane inaccuracies.   My writing exposes, generally and somewhat specifically, these violations of God's copyrighted ideas.  I also point out, our creator and ultimate biographer had written a book of books to describe himself and our relation to him.  

        So, thanks for reading about me here.   I hope you profit from further.   Michael